Masi temple car festival held at Tiruchendur

Devotees witnessed the Masi car festival of Subramaniaswamy Temple at Tiruchendur on Sunday.Devotees from different parts of the State poured in to witness the Masi Car festival of Sri Subramaniaswamy Temple at Tiruchendur on Sunday.

The Masi festival, one of the most important events in the Subramaniaswamy Temple’s annual calender, began on February 28. On days that followed, a procession of deities in various vahanas was taken out.

The 10th day which is reserved for the car festival saw special pujas and deeparadanais beginning from 5 a.m. onwards. The temple car procession began at 6.05 a.m. with devotees pulling the Vinayagar temple car around the four car streets. This was followed by the temple car of Lord Murugan with consorts Valli and Deivanai pulled at 6.50 a.m. The procession continued until 11 p.m.

Minister for Information and Publicity Kadambur Raju, MLA P. Chinnappan and Temple Fit Person R. Kannan also pulled the temple car. Tuticorin SP Arun Balagopalan supervised security arrangements.

Several hundred devotees sang devotional songs and performed Kavadi aatam. They arrived from Tirunelveli, Thoothukudi and Nagercoil in special buses arranged by the district administration for the festival.

The teppa tiruvizha of the temple will be held on Monday. The twelve-day ‘Masi Thiruvizha’ would conclude on Tuesday.

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