When a tent got pitched in front of pro-CAA liberal’s house

A Sanghi meets his Bengaluru born liberal friend at NY airport and latter was returning home after a month.

Liberal to Sangi: “Did u hear about Delhi? It’s burning and I could not sleep properly in the US for the past few days looking at videos and photos. I see your posts as well and you seem to love forceful action by police a lot. You sit in AC rooms and don’t know what’s happening in Delhi. You post all bad things about anti-CAA peaceful protestors that they have blocked the road and all. Didn’t u see Delhi results? That was a slap on your guy’s face who tried to flare up ShaheenBag protest as if it was a big issue… people of Delhi are with ShaheenBag protestors and have no issue… shame on u..blah blah blah.”

Meanwhile, liberal friend gets a call from his son, who is doing PhD in JNU on the topic “Sexual and gender relations in Mughal Asians”, who has come to Bengaluru house for vacations. The liberal friend suddenly starts shouting after hearing his son.

Liberal to his son: “WTF did u say just now? Has this bloody disease come to my peaceful Bengaluru as well? OMG ! bloody protestors have pitched the tent in front of our house and blocked both ends of my road! How dare they? Ours is the main road and thousands of commuters daily use that. What for freedom park has been created? let these protestors go there and sit for years. Do they think public road as their father’s property? Did u call the police and ask them to get them vacated? Police know how to vacate them if these thugs don’t agree to peacefully vacate. What for lathis, tear gas, guns have been given to police by democracy? Let me call the police officer I know and ask him to send police near house immediately… I am boarding the flight already and will come soon to teach them a lesson. Let’s not let it turn like one more ShaheenBag of Delhi”

Sanghi to Liberal: “No comments. Pls go and take care of your house. Let me know if u need any help.”

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