Tamil Hindus of Los Angeles Celebrate Thaai Poosam with Traditional Fervor

Los Angeles Hindus worship Lord Murugan on the day he received his “Vel” from Mother Goddess

Los Angeles, February 8, 2020 – On a bright sunny winter day, during the Tamil month of Thaai and when the moon was in Nakshatra (Lunar Mansion) Poosam, devote followers of Lord Murugan celebrated the auspicious day when he received his divine weapon ‘Vel” from his mother.

About 50 miles north-west of downtown Los Angeles in Thousand Oaks City where the beautiful Sri Venkat Krishna Temple is situated. It was the perfect location for the very first Kaavadi procession to be held in Northern Los Angeles Metro area.

Devotees starting assembling at 8:30 AM, with their brand new Kaavadi’s built and decorated locally. Some of them also had new vessels to carry on their head (Paal Kudams). A special 2-foot idol of Lord Murugan was specifically procured from India for the occasion. After the initial pooja, the devotees started on their Pada Yatra on barefoot covering about 4 Kilometers.

The streets of Thousand Oaks, California were filled with “Muruganukku Arogara”, “Kandanukku Arogara”, “Vetri Vel Veera Vel” chants. It was no different from any other abode of the Celestial General, Skanda.

After the procession, another pooja was held before prasadham was distributed to the devotees. By the end, close to 100 people participated in the Thaai Poosam Kaavadi celebration.

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