Photos from the Lunar New Year show how coronavirus turned China’s biggest party into a washout

  • The novel coronavirus outbreak has affected one of the most important cultural holidays in the Chinese culture: Lunar New Year.
  • After unprecedented quarantines were imposed throughout the country, people are prevented from traveling to see their families during the holiday.
  • Here are photos comparing last year’s celebration — complete with Chinese lions, historical dances, and family time — to this year.

The novel coronavirus outbreak in China began in tandem with a significant holiday in the Chinese culture: the Lunar New Year.

Parts of China went under unprecedented quarantine in hopes to stem the spread of the deadly disease, known as 2019-nCoV, affecting around 35 million people in the country.

The Lunar New Year celebration traditionally calls for parades, outdoor festivals, and lanterns throughout the city, as people gather with their families to celebrate the annual holiday.

However, in light of the Wuhan coronavirus that has killed 41 and infected nearly 1,300 in China alone, cities around the country are forced to cancel one of the most important cultural events of the year.

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